split configuration heat pump


  • Product Dimensions:
  • Tank: D505mm x H1665mm
  • Condenser: W804mm x D327mm x H555mm


  • User-friendly control panels with optional app control
  • Fast and easy installation process
  • Top-grade stainless-steel coils and tanks.
  • Upto 3.5x cheaper running costs, as compared to traditional electric hot water systems
  • Wide temperature range
  • Wide temperature range
  • Ideal for household with upto 4 members
  • Very low operating noise
  • More reliable and easy-to-use compared to solar hot water system
  • Fully approved under the VIC VEU


With our energy-efficient hot water systems, you can enjoy hot showers without having to worry about excessive electricity bills.
Latest water heating technology is used in the 200 liter Split Configuration Heat Pump from Myom Australia, which runs on renewable energy. The sophisticated Midea heat pumps from Myom Australia, which use free energy from the air to heat the water, power the system. As a result, they are up to 65% more effective than conventional electric hot water systems.

  • Save with State-Approved Subsidies: Our heat pumps are eligible for State funding in Victoria under VEU, and additional subsidies can apply via Solar VIC.
  • Built for the Homeowners: The 200 Litre Split Configuration Heat Pumps from Myom are easy-to-use and offer various heating options, making them an ideal option for households with upto four members.
  • Made with the Best Parts: The heat pumps use advanced Chromagen pumps that harvest the free energy from the air to heat your water. Moreover, the hot water systems are built with top-grade steel containers and coils, so you do not have to worry about water contamination.

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