Non-Building Base Lighting Upgrade in Victoria

Non-Building Base Lighting Upgrade

Non-building based lighting upgrades are not for the buildings and structure, they are public lighting upgrades in Victoria, which fall under Activity 24 and Activity 27 of the program.

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The free LED streetlight replacement program in Victoria offers several benefits:

Frequently Asked Questions

A non-building base lighting upgrade in Victoria refers to replacing existing lighting systems with energy-efficient LED alternatives in street lights, parks, and other public spaces. This upgrade is part of the Victorian Energy Upgrades Program, which aims to reduce the state’s energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

The free LED street light replacement program typically covers various street lighting types, including mercury, metal halide, and sodium vapour lamps. These inefficient lighting systems are replaced with high-quality, energy-efficient LED street lights that consume less power and have a longer lifespan, resulting in significant energy and cost savings for local councils and communities.

The Victorian Energy Upgrades Program is an initiative by the Victorian Government to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help Victorians save energy and money. The program incentivises households and businesses to adopt energy-efficient products and services, such as LED lighting upgrades, insulation, and high-efficiency appliances. Accredited providers, like MYOM Australia, work within this program to deliver these energy-saving solutions to the community.

To be eligible for a free LED lighting upgrade, the following criteria generally apply:
  • The existing lighting system must be inefficient and in working condition.
  • Under the Victorian Energy Upgrades Program, an accredited provider, such as MYOM Australia, must perform the upgrade.
  • The property or facility must be located within Victoria.
  • The upgrade must result in a demonstrable energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions reduction.
The property owner or manager must provide consent for the upgrade to take place. Meeting these eligibility criteria allows households, businesses, and public facilities to benefit from free LED lighting upgrades, significantly reducing energy costs and contributing to a more sustainable future.

Non-Building-Base-Lighting-Upgrade Victoria

At MYOM Australia, we offer various free lighting upgrade services in Victoria, including LED Street Light Upgrade in Victoria programs. These initiatives aim to help businesses, municipalities, and communities reduce energy consumption, lower utility bills, and contribute to a greener environment.

Our non building base lighting upgrade program is designed for eligible spaces such as:
• Private roads
• Public and outdoor spaces
• Open air car parking
• Sports fields

As an accredited provider, we are qualified to undertake public lighting upgrades in Victoria. If you believe your space is suitable for a lighting upgrade, apply for activity approval, and we’ll guide you through the process. You can also have any product installed under this activity as long as it is listed on the Register for certification.


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