Free Commercial Heat Pump Upgrades in NSW

Are you a business or have a home in Victoria?If yes then we have exciting news for you that can potentially save you hundreds of dollars on your next heat pump upgrade. To put it simply, in Victoria, businesses and households are eligible for a rebate when they undergo heat pump upgrades to an energy-efficient model. This is part of the Government’s commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and encourage businesses to be more energy conscious. By upgrading your industrial and commercial heat pumps, you can save a lot of money on utility bills while also reducing your carbon footprint.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The system is installed by a licensed electrician and plumber, you are provided with certificates of compliance and safety and all the rebate paperwork is taken care of.

A heat-pump water heater uses much less electricity than an electric storage water heater. This is because it only requires electricity to drive the compressor and the fan, instead of using electricity to heat the water directly, with an electric element.”


The system uses renewable energy to generate hot water without the need for a solar panel, and produces hot water with 80% greater efficiency. The systems work day and night, rain, hail or sunshine!

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How To Get Free NSW Hot Water Upgrades?

Want to lower the heating bill of your business?

At MYOM Australia, we can help you upgrade to an energy-efficient commercial heat pump and take advantage of the scheme of the NSW Government. With the commercial heat pump upgrade in NSW, you can cut energy costs with a hot water system upgrade.

The NSW Energy Saving Scheme offers financial incentives to install or upgrade energy savings equipment for households and businesses. The incentive covers the cost of heat pump upgrades in NSW so that you can start saving right away. If you notice that your heat pump is old, requires replacement or is not functioning as expected, you can switch to an energy-efficient hot water system and lower your carbon footprint. The offer is available for commercial businesses in NSW, and the team at MYOM Australia is here to assist you.

The Benefits of Commercial Hot Water Systems

Heat Pumps provide hot water in all seasons. • The pumps require low maintenance while offering uninterrupted performance • The heat pump is the most energy-efficient water heating system • The pumps are environmentally friendly and use renewable energy to function
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